We Congratulate Andrew Scheer

We Congratulate Andrew Scheer

Congrats to Andrew ScheerNews Release May 30, 2017

The BC Conservative Party congratulates Andrew Scheer, the new Leader of the Conservative Party of Canada, and endorses him as the next Prime Minister of Canada.

In a tight race against twelve other registered contenders, Andrew Scheer emerged as the choice of a majority of Conservative members.

“On behalf of the BC Conservatives I would like to offer our congratulations and support to Mr. Scheer,” said Corbin Mitchell, President of the British Columbia Conservative Party. “Now is the time for all Conservatives to unite around a new leader and common banner.”

“The ties between the Alberta conservatives and the federal Conservatives are strong,” continued Mitchell, in reference to Alberta Progressive Conservative Leader Jason Kenny and Wildrose Party Leader Brian Jean – both former Conservative Members of Parliament – announcing their intent to create the United Conservative Party. “It’s BC’s turn now to reject decades of Liberal mismanagement and form a united conservative front.”

The BC Conservative Party and the Conservative Party of Canada share the same values of smaller, efficient government, and low taxation.

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President, BC Conservative Party
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