Trevor Bolin’s Statement on B.C. Budget 2020

Trevor Bolin’s Statement on B.C. Budget 2020

Fort St. John - For the last number of years we have heard the term “balanced budget” from The B.C. NDP, and from The B.C. Liberals for years before that. Let’s be honest: British Columbians can not afford anymore of their “balanced budgets”.

For decades, Politicians in British Columbia have been leading people to believe that a “balanced budget” is a good thing for all. It’s not. Parties and Politicians continue to spend absurd amounts of money while continually coming out with new taxes (ie: Carbon Tax, Motor Fuel Tax, PST on soft drinks and online streaming, increased personal tax .. just to name a few), and tell the public they “balanced the budget”. Hydro rates are climbing, new projects are at stand stills, families are having to choose between fueling up the car or insuring it due to decades of mismanagement of ICBC and our resource sector. The cost of living has been on a sharp incline since the BC Liberals implemented carbon tax and the BC NDP increasing it. This year the full effect of the new employer health tax will hit small businesses and leave the decision for many small operators to lay off staff, or close altogether. These two parties that have been British Columbians only choice for generations are leaving B.C. closed for business. The results of this grossly negligent mismanagement is inching us closer day by day to being a “have-not” province. This must end.

In my household, as I am sure is the same in yours, you cannot make money just appear while continuing huge spending sprees. You look at what needs to be cut back, what bills need to be paid and how you can stretch what you have to ensure your quality of life is comfortable. Why are we not running this province like we the people run our finances and households? Well that answer is easy; out of touch politicians making the decisions for everyone as if they lead the same lifestyle as those who can just “create extra money”. Put the Politicians on minimum wage and see how fast things change.

I started this with the comment that British Columbia can not afford another “Balanced Budget”, and in seeing our provincial debt balloon to $87.6 billion dollars that they somehow expect our children and our children’s children to cover, is asinine. We must demand more from our Governments: we deserve more from our Politicians. We need to stand together and get British Columbia on the financial track of success for generations to come.

The BC Conservatives will structure the budget to end the long term debt, while building reserves making B.C. financially sustainable for generations, and enhancing business and investor relations under our “Made In BC” plan. Increasing jobs and lowering the cost of living for British Columbian families. It’s time to end the catchphrases of the BC Liberals and the BC NDP, moving beyond the days of “balanced budgets” and “surpluses” that don’t exist outside of a mediocre press release . We will demand more, and we will be more. Together we will build the BC we all deserve.