Reject Talk of Coalition

Reject Talk of Coalition

News Release May 15, 2017

The BC Conservative Party rejects BC Liberal claims that they are part of a coalition, and accuse the Liberals of being decades behind the times.

A May 13 report in the Globe British Columbia[1] quoted BC Liberal candidate Jim Benninger as claiming that the “Conservatives are part of our [BC Liberal] coalition.” The BC Conservatives deny such allegations strenuously.

“It is not clear where Mr. Benninger is getting his information,” said BC Conservative Campaign Manager Bob Bray. “The last time the Liberals and Conservatives were part of a coalition was well over half a century ago.”

The BC Liberals and BC Conservatives governed as a wartime coalition in 1941 and the coalition government was re-elected in 1945 and 1949, but the partnership ended in 1951 – 66 years ago.

“The BC Liberals are much closer to the federal Liberals than to a truly conservative party,” continued Bray. “There’s nothing conservative about old style tax-and-spend liberalism, and the BC Conservatives have no intention of aligning ourselves with that.”

The BC Conservative Party was founded in 1903, and believes in small government, efficient service delivery, and low taxation.

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