Our fast-paced modern age has made it easy for political representatives to fall out of touch with the people they are elected to represent. Governments have become distant, unresponsive, out-of-touch. They appear arrogant – it seems they have stopped listening to us.

Political representatives today must make a real commitment to – be sincerely dedicated to – listening to the people who put them into elective office. The BC Conservative Party is dedicated to listening to British Columbians.

The Family

The family is the bedrock of our society – the foundation of our province and country.

The family is essential to our well-being. The family takes care of one another, young and old, weak and strong. The family plays a vital role in education and health, in looking after our neighbourhoods and the local environment, in growing businesses and in contributing to our prosperity.

The BC Conservative Party is committed to supporting the family in British Columbia.

Resource Development

WAC Bennett once compared the economy of BC to the Fraser River – it starts small in northern BC, and as it winds its way south it is fed by hundreds of smaller tributaries until it become a magnificent river. So too with the economy - hundreds of rural communities across our province feed the economic engine that flows into the lower mainland, making the whole of BC’s economy strong and prosperous.

The BC Conservative Party is committed to responsible resource development in our rural communities.

Fiscal Responsibility

Fiscal responsibility is about leaving British Columbia better than we found it. It isn't just about balancing the budget and paying down debt, it’s about efficiency in government so we can get more for your tax dollars. And the more we do for less means we can leave more money in your wallet.

The BC Conservative Party is dedicated to fiscal responsibility.