BC Conservatives Welcome Small-c Conservatives Following Election of Trudeau Supporter Andrew Wilkinson

VERNON- Interim BC Conservative Leader Scott Anderson anticipates a mass exodus of small-c conservatives from the BC Liberal Party following the election of Andrew Wilkinson, and extends an invitation to former BC Liberal voters to join the BC Conservative Party.

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BC Conservatives Demand Better for ICBC

The BC Conservative Party demands better for the Insurance Corporation of British Columbia (ICBC), by reforming it in order to reduce insurance rates for BC drivers.

This week ICBC posted a net loss of $935 million for first nine months of the fiscal year. The public auto insurer is projected to have a $1.3 billion net loss this fiscal year. Attorney General David Eby referred to the mess at ICBC yesterday as a "financial dumpster fire".

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Justin Greenwood Appointed BC Conservative Deputy Interim Leader

GreenwoodJ-4.jpgScott Anderson, Interim Leader of the BC Conservative Party, is pleased to announce that Justin Greenwood has been appointed Deputy Interim Leader of the party, effective immediately.

Greenwood ran as a candidate for the BC Conservatives in the 2017 provincial general election in Langley. He is currently a Director on the provincial board as well as a Director on the Cloverdale-Langley City EDA board for the Conservative Party of Canada. His work background is in digital media and he is employed as Vancouver Area Manager for a Real Estate Media Company.

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BC Conservatives Announce Candidate for Kelowna West

The British Columbia Conservative Party is excited to announce that Mark Thompson will carry the BC Conservative banner into the Kelowna West by-election.

Mark Thompson is a former three term Councillor for the City of Saskatoon who has resided in British Columbia for over two decades. His education includes an MBA and he currently owns several successful IT-related businesses providing solutions to the retail sector.

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Happy New Year!

"On behalf of the BC Conservative Party, I'd like to wish everyone a wonderful new year!" - Scott Anderson, Interim Leader


Merry Christmas

"On behalf of BC's Conservatives, I wish everyone a safe and Merry Christmas!" - Scott Anderson, Interim Leader


BC Conservatives Demand Autonomous Vehicle Legislation, Propose Pilot Project

Scott Anderson, interim leader of the BC Conservative Party, believes British Columbia should be at the forefront of the coming transportation revolution by proactively introducing framework legislation to allow autonomous vehicles on our roads.

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BC Conservatives Accuse BC NDP of Playing Irresponsible Political Games on Ajax Mine

Scott Anderson, interim leader of the BC Conservative Party, accused the BC New Democratic Party of irresponsibly playing politics with the people of Kamloops by arbitrarily refusing to issue an environmental certificate before the federal environmental assessment was even completed.

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BC Conservatives Predict Shattered BC Liberal Party, Leadership 'Coalition of Angry Polecats'

Interim BC Conservative Leader Scott Anderson predicts the demise of the BC Liberal Party and extends an invitation to disenfranchised BC Liberal voters to join the BC Conservative Party in their natural home.

There are widespread rumours of deepening divisions between federal Liberal supporters and federal Conservative supporters within the BC Liberal Party in the wake of the recent federal by-election in South Surrey White Rock.

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Statement by BC Conservative Leader Scott Anderson on Site C Decision

BC Conservative Party Interim Leader Scott Anderson today issued the following statement on Site C:

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