Conservatives Denounce the BC NDP Forcing their Ideology on the Delta Hospice Society

THE FOLLOWING is a statement from the Conservative Party of BC, regarding removal of funding to the Delta Hospice Society:

The Canadian Hospice Palliative Care Association, in an online article entitled “Dispelling the Myths” states that it is important for people to understand that; Hospice and palliative care focuses on living until the end, not dying.

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Those who are illegally blocking the rights of others today, may be the ones who, in the future, will need the same protections of law which they are now flouting

FT. ST. JOHN: The following is a statement from Conservative Party of BC Leader, Trevor Bolin: Yesterday, a mob of individuals once again stormed the BC Legislature, forcing their way past security and police who are responsible for the security and safety of the building, Members of the Legislative Assembly, staff, and citizens of the province.

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Today's Appeal Court win, by Jason Kenney’s Alberta government, adds further fuel to our resolve in fighting the carbon tax

FT. ST. JOHN - Upon hearing news of the Alberta government's win in the Alberta Court of Appeal --finding the federally imposed carbon tax unconstitutional -- Conservative Party of BC leader Trevor Bolin announced the following:

“As British Columbia’s ONLY Conservative Party, we have stood strong in our opposition to the Carbon Tax which was first imposed by the BC Liberal’s, and increased over and over since then, including by the current BC NDP government of Premier John Horgan”.

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Summary of the 2020 “Made in B.C.” Conservative AGM

Abbotsford - Not an empty seat in the room as Conservatives from all across British Columbia came together and voted unanimously to change the party’s name back to its original name, the Conservative Party of British Columbia. A once unchallenged force in the forging of a strong British Columbia, the Conservatives have positioned themselves to become the choice in bringing BC back to its former glory.

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Trevor Bolin’s Statement on B.C. Budget 2020

Fort St. John - For the last number of years we have heard the term “balanced budget” from The B.C. NDP, and from The B.C. Liberals for years before that. Let’s be honest: British Columbians can not afford anymore of their “balanced budgets”.

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Family Day Statement from Trevor Bolin

As I sit here on Family Day spending the day with my boys, (who are growing up far too fast), I can’t help but think of the negative impacts tomorrow’s lackluster budget will have on our children’s and grandchildren’s future.

When John Horgan was named The Premier of British Columbia, a year before I was elected the Leader of BC’s Conservatives, I wrote him a letter. This letter never received a reply, and was likely unread, but it has brought us to where we are today. I shared with The Premier what a bright future for British Columbia could look like and the steps that needed to be taken to enhance her people’s lives. The message was simple, balanced, and a way to govern a vastly diverse province in which no family, and no British Columbian gets forgotten.

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BC Conservatives Statement on the Throne Speech

If you were like me, reading the highlights of today’s throne speech and waiting for something, or anything that was relevant to enhancing your life BC, and missed it ... you weren’t alone.

Today’s Throne Speech is a good example of why people have given up on not only the Government, but the politicians they elect to represent them.

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Statement from Trevor Bolin: January 17, 2020

Statement from Trevor Bolin regarding BC Forestry & new information about BC casino corruption.

Please find statement here.

Trevor Bolin: "There will be no uncertainty".

In a Globe and Mail news story on the 13th of December, reporter Justine Hunter stated:

"The new year will bring uncertainty to British Columbia’s political landscape, with opportunity and risk for each of the three parties in the legislature."

In the story, she quoted NDP Premier John Horgan as saying, “I’m going to miss Andrew.”

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Made in B.C. 5-Point Plan: #5 It's About You

We will make Government about people, this is our BC. MLA’s responsible for the promises made to constituents. Platforms and policies that represent all British Columbians alike. Accountable, transparent and open government led by the people, for the people. - Trevor Bolin, Leader