Statement from Trevor Bolin: January 17, 2020

Statement from Trevor Bolin regarding BC Forestry & new information about BC casino corruption.

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Trevor Bolin: "There will be no uncertainty".

In a Globe and Mail news story on the 13th of December, reporter Justine Hunter stated:

"The new year will bring uncertainty to British Columbia’s political landscape, with opportunity and risk for each of the three parties in the legislature."

In the story, she quoted NDP Premier John Horgan as saying, “I’m going to miss Andrew.”

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Made in B.C. 5-Point Plan: #5 It's About You

We will make Government about people, this is our BC. MLA’s responsible for the promises made to constituents. Platforms and policies that represent all British Columbians alike. Accountable, transparent and open government led by the people, for the people. - Trevor Bolin, Leader

Made in B.C. 5-Point Plan: #4 British Columbia's First GHG Reduction Strategy

British Columbia is at a pivotal turning point in our environmental and economical future. We have vowed to Scrap the Carbon Tax, vowed to build a sustainable resource industry, and now .. we can also be a provincial leader in making our economy and environment benefit all British Columbians. - Trevor Bolin, Leader

Build a refinery, ban tankers or phase out fossil fuels? B.C. reacts to Alberta threats

"We need to find the common ground that there is benefit for B.C. in the Trans Mountain pipeline, there's benefit for Alberta and, therefore, there is benefit to Canada." - Trevor Bolin, Leader

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Made in B.C. 5-Point Plan: #3 Sustainable Resource Development

British Columbia is the most diverse province in Canada. Our resources are under fire and now is the time to act. We will negotiate and find new trade markets to return safe and sustainable Forestry, Natural Gas, Fishing and Farming industries back in the hands of hard working British Columbians. - Trevor Bolin, Leader

Made in B.C. 5-Point Plan: #2 Scrap ICBC's Monopoly

British Columbians now pay the highest insurance rates in the country. Our “Made In BC” plan will benefit people across this great province and keep your money where it belongs ... in your pocket ($900 pp). - Trevor Bolin, Leader

Made in B.C. 5-Point Plan: #1 Scrap the Carbon Tax

5point_carbontax_006.pngWith record breaking fuel prices, skyrocketing grocery costs, and home heating bills at an all-time high ... British Columbians can not afford to live in BC. Last week I announced my Made In BC Five Point Plan, let’s get B.C. back! - Trevor Bolin, Leader

BC Conservatives Announce Trevor Bolin as New Leader

Fort St. John - The BC Conservative Party introduced their new leader this morning in the Oceanview Suite at Pan Pacific Hotel. It is the first time since 2016 that the party has had a permanent leader. They have named Trevor Bolin from Fort St. John as the new Leader of the party.

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BC Conservatives: Throne Speech Lacks Substance

Vernon - Scott Anderson, Interim Leader of the BC Conservatives, is concerned that the NDP has no real vision or plan to deal with the real problems facing British Columbia.

“The Throne Speech is a mixture of vague promises around NDP shibboleths like child care and high speed rail, and half measures to address the real problems this province faces, like money laundering,” said Anderson. “The NDP merely dusted off the broken promises of last year, like child care and 'poverty reduction', and re-promised them this year. How disingenuous is that?”

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