BC Conservatives Claim Liberals and NDP miss the mark on Speculation Tax

The BC Conservative Party opposes the NDP’s new series of speculation taxes on homeowners across the province, including Nanaimo. The party claims the housing affordability crisis needs to be addressed at source, and vows to crack down on casino money laundering.

“A recent police study found that crime networks laundered over $1B through Vancouver homes in 2016 alone,” said Justin Greenwood, BC Conservative candidate in Nanaimo. “Criminals are driving the affordability crisis in BC, not mom and pop scraping together enough to buy a retirement home.”

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BC Conservatives Announce Justin Greenwood as Candidate for Nanaimo By-Election

NANAIMO -- Justin Greenwood, Interim Deputy Leader of the BC Conservatives, will stand as candidate for the upcoming Nanaimo by-election on January 30th. Mr Greenwood has been serving as the party’s Interim Deputy Leader for the past 14 months and ran for the BC Conservative candidates in during the 2017 general election.

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BC Conservatives Welcome the Results of the Electoral Reform Referendum

VANCOUVER -- The BC Conservative Party welcomes the choice of British Columbians to reject electoral reform and maintain the First Past the Post system. The First Past the Post system has sustained British Columbia’s strong democracy for nearly 150 years.

While some suggested it was parties like the BC Conservatives who had the most to gain from proportional representation, Interim Deputy Leader Justin Greenwood stated, “we firmly believe we will still be a major player in the next election. It is our goal to give British Columbians a true conservative choice on the ballot.”

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BC Conservatives Announce New School Choice Policy

VANCOUVER -- The British Columbia Conservative Party is proud to announce the adoption of a new policy regarding School Choice. During a very successful AGM last month in Kelowna, the BC Conservative party officially adopted a policy of advocating for School Choice in BC.

A BC Conservative Government will introduce a funding formula to provide equal “per student” financing for students attending the same grade as in public schools for traditional, charter schools, and independent schools from K-12.

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BC Conservatives Concerned by CPC President's Anti-Proportional Representation Email

VERNON-The British Columbia Conservative Party is concerned about a recent email written by Scott Lamb, President of the Conservative Party of Canada (CPC), and sent to members of the federal party across British Columbia. The content was a general attack on proportional representation (PR).

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BC Conservatives Say Ridesharing Legislation Misses the Mark

VERNON-The British Columbia Conservative Party originally called for private for-profit ridesharing legislation in October of 2017, along with legislation for other 21st century technological advances.

"Ridesharing legislation is long overdue in BC," said Interim party leader Scott Anderson. "While the rest of the world is embracing this transportation revolution, BC is only now staggering slowly toward legislation on a business model that's been mainstreamed for over a decade in other jurisdictions. This is really unacceptable."

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BC Conservatives: Debate Says More About the Liberals than About Proportional Representation

VERNON- BC Conservative interim Leader Scott Anderson said last night's debate between the BC Liberals and the BC NDP was a pointless display of loudly delivered talking points on the subject of proportional representation (PR), but ironically useful in showing the BC Liberal's true colours.

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BC Conservatives Call for Four Party Debate on Electoral Reform

VERNON –BC Conservative Party interim leader Scott Anderson calls for inclusion in the electoral reform debate on November 8, along with Green Leader Andrew Weaver. Currently, only the NDP and BC Liberals are slated to take part in the debate.

"The debate has gone beyond electoral reform at this point," said Anderson. "With the fear mongering Liberals and the obfuscating NDP, the debate between the two parties will be nothing more than a battle of well worn talking points."

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BC Conservatives Launch Leadership Race

The British Columbia Conservative Party is pleased to announce the launch of its 2019 Leadership Race. The nomination period begins today and ends on December 31.

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Electoral Reform Referendum Info from Justin Greenwood

Interim Deputy Leader Justin Greenwood talks about the upcoming referendum on electoral reform and walks you through the ballot.