BC Conservatives Thank Brad Wall for his Service

Brad_Wall_Thank_You.pngThe BC Conservative party thank Brad Wall for his service of over a decade as Premier of Saskatchewan. 



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Nominations Open for Kelowna West

Calling all prospective candidates! Nominations are now open for Kelowna West.

For further information, please email [email protected]


BC Conservatives Address Resignation of Christy Clark Media Release (07/28/2017) KELOWNA, BC - The BC Conservative Party join all British Columbians in thanking Christy Clark for the hard work she brought to public service.

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We Congratulate Andrew Scheer

Congrats to Andrew ScheerNews Release May 30, 2017

The BC Conservative Party congratulates Andrew Scheer, the new Leader of the Conservative Party of Canada, and endorses him as the next Prime Minister of Canada.

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Reject Talk of Coalition

News Release May 15, 2017

The BC Conservative Party rejects BC Liberal claims that they are part of a coalition, and accuse the Liberals of being decades behind the times.

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