BC Conservatives Launch Leadership Race

The British Columbia Conservative Party is pleased to announce the launch of its 2019 Leadership Race. The nomination period begins today and ends on December 31.

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Electoral Reform Referendum Info from Justin Greenwood

Interim Deputy Leader Justin Greenwood talks about the upcoming referendum on electoral reform and walks you through the ballot.

BC Conservatives Call for Addictions Treatment, Propose Funding Source

VERNON –The BC Conservative Party calls for a robust province-wide addictions treatment programme, to be paid for by existing taxes.

"Harm reduction as a strategy should be viewed as the first step in a continuum of care that ends with active, abstinence-based recovery," said Scott Anderson, interim leader of the BC Conservative Party. "The current strategy of harm reduction as an end in itself, with half-hearted attempts to supply "treatment" for addicted people who both want it and are able to wait from 48 hours to two weeks to get help, is simply not working."

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BC Conservative Leader Attends CPC Convention

VERNON – Scott Anderson, Interim Leader of the BC Conservative Party, will represent the provincial party as a full voting delegate at the Conservative Party of Canada's (CPC) National Convention in Halifax.

Although the federal and provincial parties are separate entities, Anderson has sought to strengthen ties between the provincial party and the federal party.

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BC Conservatives Want a Full Overhaul of ICBC

VERNON - The BC Conservative Party supports a full overhaul of the Insurance Corporation of British Columbia (ICBC) in order to reduce insurance rates for BC drivers.

Over years of mismanaging ICBC, the Liberals raided the crown corporation repeatedly in order to tell British Colombians that they had balanced the province’s budget, with the result that BC drivers pay the highest insurance premiums in Canada.

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BC Conservatives Say For-Profit Ridesharing Legislation Long Overdue

VERNON-The British Columbia Conservative Party originally called for private for-profit ridesharing in October of 2017, along with other forward-looking legislation for 21st century technological advances, like autonomous vehicles.

The BC Conservative Party supports ridesharing in BC, and notes that the NDP promised to table ridesharing legislation by the end of 2017. The party also suggested an immediate pilot project.


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BC Conservatives Urge Constructive Solutions to Interior and Northern Transportation

VERNON-In the wake of Greyhound route closures, Scott Anderson, Interim Leader of the BC Conservative Party, urged the BC NDP to find innovative solutions to transportation for our province's northern and interior regions.

Greyhound Canada announced that effective Oct. 31, a single route between Vancouver and Seattle will be all that remain of its routes in BC.

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BC Conservatives Support Resource Development in BC

VERNON BC- The BC Conservative Party is in favour of all carefully regulated resource development projects, including pipelines, mines, LNG, and forestry.

In spite of clear research that shows pipelines are the safest possible way to transport oil products to market, the Green/NDP coalition is still trying to kill pipelines that have gone through the most rigorous environmental assessment in the world.

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BC Conservatives Support Referendum on Electoral Reform

VERNON-The BC Conservative Party supports the right of all British Columbians to decide how their Members of the Legislative Assembly are elected, but is concerned that the 50+1 threshold is too low to properly gauge the intentions of British Columbians.

“The government should not make a fundamental change to the way British Columbians elect their provincial representatives without a strong and clear mandate to do so,” said Interim Conservative Leader Scott Anderson. "A simple majority of only those people who vote is simply not enough."

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BC Conservatives Demand Better for Taxpayers on Trans Mountain

LANGLEY - Justin Greenwood, Interim Deputy Leader of the BC Conservatives states that yesterday’s announcement about the Trans Mountain pipeline was not only the completely wrong direction, but is also a reckless decision with taxpayers money.

Greenwood stated, “None of this makes any sense. Kinder Morgan did not ask for one dollar from taxpayers; they only asked for certainty that the project would go through.”

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