The NDP affordable housing strategy is causing far more harm than good

The NDP affordable housing strategy is causing far more harm than good

In BC we have a 'housing crisis' which has not improved under the NDP.

As inflation continues to rise on multiple levels including property taxes, home maintenance, and a multitude of other living expenses, the latest provincial governments rent freeze extension, while well-intended, is going to have extremely negative and far reaching effects.

Speaking this morning, the leader of BC’s Conservatives, Trevor Bolin, stated, “While many may think of landlords as faceless companies and investors well able to withstand the loss of revenue from this extension, many are simply homeowners who are only able to pay their mortgage, and bills, with rents from secondary suites in their primary residence.” 

The latest 8-month extension banning rent increases (set at 1.4% for 2021) is not the only worry for homeowners and landlords with rental suites, they also have to contend with the continuing ban on evictions for unpaid rents – and/or unpaid utilities.

The continuing harmful repercussions on jobs and employment from COVID-19, compounded by the negative results of ill-thought-out government actions, are placing many homeowners on the brink of substantial financial ruin”, Bolin stated.

“And if that were not bad enough, it is also creating significant emotional and mental stress. Simply put, the NDP's affordable housing strategy is causing far more harm than good.”

The result of what amounts to rent control policies is evident, as Nobel Prize-winning economist Paul Krugman pointed out: “The analysis of rent control is among the best understood issues in all of economics … a ceiling on rents reduces the quality and quantity of housing. Almost every freshman level textbook contains a case study on rent control, using its known adverse side effects to illustrate the principles of supply and demand.”

In BC we have a 'housing crisis' which has not improved under the NDP.

We can no longer disregard putting together a real housing strategy that ensures an adequate supply of affordable housing; a strategy that works for British Columbians!”, Bolin concluded.

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  • Sandy Macdougall
    commented 2020-11-13 09:42:06 -0800
    Affordable housing strategies have plagued B.C. taxpayers for several decades stetching back as far as the 1980s.
    From rent control and publicly funded low cost housing to homeless shelters, the bottom line is the load which is being dumped on private property owners and taxpayers.
    Throughout these several decades of missed low cost housing targets and general political incompetence in B.C., the elephant in the room has frequently been B.C. Housing. From the decades old four pillars approach to solving drug and alcohol problems in communities across the province to the many promises of providing low cost housing, the solution still evades us, despite all the vain efforts of B.C. Housing.
    The recent freeze on rent increases by Horgan’s NDP government will almost certainly create far more problems than it solves. If private sector landlords are unable to at least maintain the status quo in their investments, the burden of providing rental accommodations will become a public responsibility as investors shy away from rental properties.
    The development of publicly funded shelters and other low cost housing doesn’t require profits or break even operations because any requirements are paid through increased taxpayer funded subsidies.
    There is no point in trying to lay blame on partisan politics becaue, under successive Liberal and NDP governments, B.C. Housing has been involved in much of this mismanagement and no government has ever lifted a finger to change that bureaucracy’s direction.
    A new approach is needed which should include private sector , non-profit, government, financial institutions and locval community invovlement.
  • Martin Steenblok
    commented 2020-11-12 17:46:24 -0800
    This is great information but what are the suggestions for change? What is the housing strategy that we as a Conservative Party are proposing?
  • Trevor Bolin
    published this page in NEWS 2020-11-12 11:40:39 -0800