Trevor Bolin

A Message from the Leader

April 8th was the day my life changed for the better, and the political spectrum in British Columbia started to change for the better.

I was deeply honoured to have been named the leader of The BC Conservatives in the world famous Pan Pacific at 10:00 am, in gorgeous Vancouver.

I was born and raised in Fort St John, a small city in Northern BC that has been known for being an economical resource hub since the 1960’s. We are proud of what we do and what we offer provincially, nationally and globally. We understand industry, we understand the needs of families, businesses and British Columbians alike. I have been fortunate to represent Fort St John for over a decade as a city councillor, and love connecting with people to solve the problems we all go through. I am the first one to stand up for what’s right, and listen before making a decision.

The BC Conservatives, although British Columbia’s oldest political party has been faced with some challenges the last few decades. The party struggled in finding the path that would lead them to become the powerhouse it once was. We spent months before my leadership announcement finding out what British Columbians needed and wanted from our party.

We have heard loud and clear from British Columbians all across the province that the cost of living in BC is preventing people from loving BC. With costs of Carbon Tax, rising Provincial income tax, corporate tax and property tax everyday proud British Columbians are wondering how they can spread income a little further and a little thinner, but it’s forcing families to choose between groceries, utilities and fuel.

We live in a province where no family should be left behind. No British Columbian should have to worry about tomorrow, or the tomorrow of their children. Our province is one of the most economically diverse provinces in the country, and we the people who have built this province deserve better, and will demand better.

Over the next few weeks we will be rolling out our Made In BC platform which will make B.C. better for all British Columbians. We know we have a lot of work ahead of us, but we knows BC deserves a Conservative government that will make life easier for all of us and our children and grandchildren who will call this amazing province home.

I encourage all our members and supporters, new and old, to stay engaged and stay in touch.

Trevor Bolin, Leader
BC Conservative Party