Donate to Kay Hale's Campaign

Donate to Kay Hale's Campaign

I have lived in Richmond BC for over 35 wonderful years. I was born in Hong Kong to a military family. Multilingual: English, Chinese, Hindi and Punjabi and some Mandarin. Achieved my University, MBA- degree in London U.K.  Owned and operated an International Executive Management Business with sub-branches in London U.K. Hong Kong and Canada. In 2007 I decided to take on the challenges of the Real Estate Industries. 

Personally I am a “Pay-it-Forward” type of person. It gives meaning to my existence  to make someone’s day brighter.  Volunteer: Food Bank, Sharing Farm and Winter Blanket Drive.

This 2020 Provincial election is very important for us to get it right, on many different levels. Covid-19 Pandemic has affected Seniors, Family and Small Businesses and Education alike and an up-rise in Mental Health. As you MLA, I will proactively address these issues to take preventative action for the well-being of the People of British Columbia.  



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