Donate to Erik Gretland's Campaign

Donate to Erik Gretland's Campaign

I am a businessman and owner of a car restoration and body shop for over 30 years. I am in dismay because I see that the current system is not working. I am extremely concerned that our beautiful area is facing dire issues with the homeless and safety issues for residents in the area. The deterioration of our beautiful neighbourhoods and the increase in the homeless population is motivating me to run so that I can see how WE can make a difference. I don’t see much sense in complaining and not taking any action. I have been watching the actions of the current politicians of the ndp, liberals or greens and really don’t see much positive action towards solving these important issues.

I am pro business and want to clean up the streets and attract more people to come to Vancouver which will get business to thrive, increase tax base and make Vancouver False Creek area a safer place to live.

Safety is a top priority for me with regards to keeping the streets cleaner without needles being constantly littered in public areas, increased crime and violence and human waste being left in our public parks.

Providing a solution to the homeless issue. Being the voice to unite and align all levels of government from the municipal, provincial and federal level to provide space, proper care and facilities for the homeless. If we can help respectfully support our homeless, our neighbourhoods will be cleaner, safer and inspire a sense of pride for our beautiful community.
Please consider me when you make your vote, I am grateful for your support in cleaning up our beautiful neighbourhoods and I commit to making a difference and not just provide lip service.

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