Conservatives Call Out Horgan Government Over Resource Sector Job Losses

Conservatives Call Out Horgan Government Over Resource Sector Job Losses

According to a report from Statistics Canada this morning, employment held steady in BC for the month of February, however, the unemployment rate rose markedly. With more people searching for work, the result was a .5% increase in the unemployment rate, sending it to 5%.

“In reviewing the employment statistics by sector, it is clear that BC’s resource sector continues to be hard hit, as both the federal and provincial governments fail to get a handle of the troubles this sector is facing”, stated Conservative party of BC leader Trevor Bolin.

“This news is staggering”, he continued. “Statistics Canada shows that between February 2019, and February 2020, employment in BC’s Natural Resource sector dropped by 21.9%”. (Table 6 - Employment by province and industry, seasonally adjusted)

“Nearly a quarter of resource sector workers are now out of work, and so the question must be asked – what is the provincial government, of BC NDP Premier John Horgan, doing about the situation?”

“Last month we raised alarms saying BC’s Labour Minister, Harry Bains, should be concerned when news came out that there had been 6,100 full-time job losses experienced across the province.

And while a small bright spot in employment news, showing employment increasing by 1,000 for women aged 25 plus between January and February, this was wiped out with employment for men in the same age group dropping by 13,000 – going from 1.170 million to 1.157 million. (Table 5 - Labour force characteristics by province, age group and sex, seasonally adjusted)

“This month’s employment stats show nothing has changed in the way the government is handling the situation -- and thousands of forestry workers, miners, and oil and gas workers -- along with 100’s of others – simply continue to wonder whether they’ll ever be able to find work in the fields again”.

“As Conservatives in BC, we are going to continue calling for job development to become a top priority for the current NDP government of John Horgan.”

“If they can’t deliver on that, then it’s time for them to step aside”, Bolin concluded.

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