Conservative Party of B.C. Calls End to ICBC Monopoly in 2018

Conservative Party of B.C. Calls End to ICBC Monopoly in 2018

Open ICBC up to competition, says the leader of BC’s Conservatives, so that BC drivers have access to free market options, keeping all providers honest, and in line as far as services and costs

BC’s Conservatives, in their 5 point “Made-In-BC Plan” first published in April of 2019, vowed to scrap the ICBC monopoly.

That plan has never changed, and we certainly haven’t just decided to come up with a campaign promise at the last moment like both the BC Liberals, and NDP, are suddenly doing this week”, stated party leader Trevor Bolin this morning.

Bolin continued, “British Columbians should be able to choose from a variety of providers for their insurance needs.

The fact the BC Liberals and BC NDP have left this archaic one provider system shows you how out of touch both parties are when it comes to the needs and wants of British Columbians.”

The proposal by BC’s Conservatives is not -- and never has been -- to do away with ICBC altogether. Service options provided by ICBC, combined with a true free market, will keep providers honest, and in line as far as services and costs.

It’s 2020 and British Columbia need representation that listens and allows true market free enterprise, not an old monopoly to siphon funds from, as we have seen over the years.

The Conservative leader then continued, “As British Columbians, we pay more for vehicle insurance than other provinces – that’s not right -- especially when many BC residents, and businesses, are having a tough time financially due to the impacts of the COVID-19 pandemic”.

Furthermore -- as we stated over five and a half months ago – we remain disgusted that the BC government owned Insurance Corporation of British Columbia (ICBC), didn’t feel the need to reciprocate rebate programs. These programs were instituted by both private and government owned insurance companies, when drivers were spending far less time on the road due to COVID-19.

Part of the benefits of having a provincially owned insurance corporation was to ensure the citizens of British Columbia were taken care of. Now all of a sudden John Horgan’s NDP have turned long overdue rebates into a political football -- only to be implemented if his party is elected.”

“Wilkinson on the other hand has also decided that an election campaign is also the time to suddenly roll out his parties’ goodies on ICBC”, Bolin continued.

The Conservative leader, Trevor Bolin, concluded by saying, “I believe that as long as British Columbians keep electing between the two parties -- and their career politicians -- these fundamentally flawed old school practices will continue.  

 “It’s time to break away from the everyday, and put British Columbians needs over the spending that only benefits Government”.




Trevor Bolin, leader
Conservative BC
P: 250.785.6275
E: [email protected]

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