BC Conservatives Welcome the Results of the Electoral Reform Referendum

BC Conservatives Welcome the Results of the Electoral Reform Referendum

VANCOUVER -- The BC Conservative Party welcomes the choice of British Columbians to reject electoral reform and maintain the First Past the Post system. The First Past the Post system has sustained British Columbia’s strong democracy for nearly 150 years.

While some suggested it was parties like the BC Conservatives who had the most to gain from proportional representation, Interim Deputy Leader Justin Greenwood stated, “we firmly believe we will still be a major player in the next election. It is our goal to give British Columbians a true conservative choice on the ballot.”

The BC Conservatives will continue to be the only choice for British Columbians who can no longer take the tax and spend ways of the major 3 parties. The BC Conservatives are committed to making life more affordable for all British Columbians, from lowering taxes, to opening up competition in the auto insurance market, to giving parents choice in which school their children attend.

"Our poll numbers have been climbing over the past year. There is a lot of ground to gain with the Liberals having 16 years of cover-ups and mistakes that they're desperately trying to disconnect from. They have zero credibility on most issues facing British Columbians today." - Justin Greenwood

The BC Conservative Party is looking forward to an exciting 2019 with a competitive leadership race and contesting the upcoming Nanaimo by-election. The party will be announcing a candidate for Nanaimo in the coming weeks. For more information please visit www.bcconservative.ca