BC Conservatives Welcome Small-c Conservatives Following Election of Trudeau Supporter Andrew Wilkinson

BC Conservatives Welcome Small-c Conservatives Following Election of Trudeau Supporter Andrew Wilkinson

VERNON- Interim BC Conservative Leader Scott Anderson anticipates a mass exodus of small-c conservatives from the BC Liberal Party following the election of Andrew Wilkinson, and extends an invitation to former BC Liberal voters to join the BC Conservative Party.

Andrew Wilkinson, like Gordie Hogg (a former BC Liberal MLA who ran as a federal Liberal in Surrey-White Rock) and many other BC Liberals, is a federal Liberal supporter. Wilkinson donated $11,317.35 to the Liberal Party of Canada between 2006 and 2016.

"We have seen an upsurge in interest in our party since the BC Liberal leadership election began," said Anderson. "With the election of a confirmed supporter of Trudeau's Liberal Party of Canada at the helm, there is simply no way for the BC Liberals to keep pretending that their party is in any way a 'coalition' of federal Conservatives and federal Liberals. It is obvious to anyone but the most obtuse that the Liberal Party of BC and the Liberal Party of Canada are one and the same."

The Liberals claim to be a coalition of federal Liberals and Conservatives, implying that there is some sort of formal agreement involving the federal parties. Not only is this a blatantly false claim, but such an agreement would be unconstitutional under section 15.1 of the Conservative Party of Canada Constitution, which clearly says: "The Party shall not establish provincial political parties. The Party shall promote and maintain relationships with existing provincial conservative parties."

"No 'coalition' or any kind of agreement exists between the Conservative Party of Canada and the BC Liberal Party," said Anderson. "Small-c conservatives have been lied to and betrayed over and over again by the BC Liberals, first by the infamous clone speech that mimicked the BC NDP platform, then by supporting a federal Liberal Party that has drifted to the far left under Trudeau, and finally by electing a dyed in the wool Trudeau Liberal as leader. The BC Liberals can no longer hide the fact that a Liberal is a Liberal is a Liberal."

"On behalf of the British Columbia Conservative Party, I welcome former BC Liberal conservative voters to join us. There is no better time than now to come over and help elect a strong conservative voice as we enter our leadership race in the next few months. Welcome home."

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