BC Conservatives Support Rideshare and Call for a Pilot Project

BC Conservatives Support Rideshare and Call for a Pilot Project

The British Columbia Conservative Party supports ridesharing in BC, and urges the NDP to table ridesharing legislation by the end of the year, as promised. The party also suggests a pilot project immediately.

"Ridesharing legislation is long overdue in BC," said Interim party leader Scott Anderson. "It's time to let people decide if they will support this innovation in transportation."

Anderson says that instead of interfering with entrepreneurial innovation, the provincial government should step out of the way. He says we don't need yet another study...what we need now is to let the people decide by voting with their wallets.

"Obviously we need to set minimal standards for ridesharing," Anderson said, "but those standards should apply across the board to both rideshares and taxis."

Anderson rejects the BC Liberal plan of a taxpayer-funded app to prop up existing taxi companies, and accuses the NDP of dithering in the face of change. He believes the growth of ridesharing is inevitable regardless of any government efforts to throw roadblocks in front of ridesharing entrepreneurs, but acknowledges that we will only find out by trial and error.

"If ridesharing is an idea that will work, let's find out by letting folks choose between ridesharing and taxis," said Anderson. "If it is an idea that can flourish in competition with taxis, then so be it. But we won't know the answer to that unless we allow ridesharing a fair chance to compete."

"Ridesharing is already growing across Canada, whether the government or the taxi companies like it or not," said Anderson. "The time to act is now. Instead of throwing taxpayer money at more studies, let's try a pilot project somewhere. Kelowna seems ideal since it’s a medium sized city, small enough to monitor but large enough to allow us to see a full range of impacts and implications."

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