BC Conservatives Support Resource Development in BC

BC Conservatives Support Resource Development in BC

VERNON BC- The BC Conservative Party is in favour of all carefully regulated resource development projects, including pipelines, mines, LNG, and forestry.

In spite of clear research that shows pipelines are the safest possible way to transport oil products to market, the Green/NDP coalition is still trying to kill pipelines that have gone through the most rigorous environmental assessment in the world.

"It is time for the GreeNDP to stop posturing and virtue signaling and trying to shut down our economy," said Scott Anderson, Interim Leader of the BC Conservatives. "The Kinder Morgan pipeline project, for example, has waded through half a decade of hurdles, including a formal National Energy Board review and politically inspired ad hoc "public participation" reviews brought on by the federal Liberal government, and even after all that, the GreeNDP wants to start a trade war with Alberta over it. It's utterly disgraceful and British Columbians should demand better."

Referring to a BC Green Party claim that O&G is a "sunset fossil fuel industry of the last century," Anderson continued: "The BC Conservatives are as interested as everyone else in the development of clean, efficient forms of energy, and we have no doubt that such energy sources will come online as technological advances progress with time. Entrepreneurs in the private sector will continue to push the technological envelope along as they have for years, and eventually those technologies will reach a level of maturity ready for deployment. But pretending that current alternative energy technology is ready for deployment in the here and now is misguided, and pretending that shutting down our only viable source of reliable energy will somehow help is frankly inane."

The BC New Democratic Party irresponsibly played politics with the people of Kamloops by arbitrarily refusing to issue an environmental certificate for the Ajax mine as well.

"It's not just the people in the Kamloops region who will suffer because of that cynical political move," said Anderson. "This type of arbitrary political manipulation simply contributes to the climate of economic uncertainty that always follows the election of NDP governments."

"Similarly, the Site C project has been thoroughly vetted through extensive consultation and science-based environmental assessment, contingent upon over 80 legally-binding conditions, and yet the NDP only grudgingly issued a go-ahead," said Anderson. "This kind of anti-everything attitude is precisely why economic disaster occurs in every province the NDP governs. And as if that isn't bad enough, now there's a yappy Green tail flogging the NDP dog."

The BC Conservative Party is in favour of all carefully regulated resource development projects, including Kinder Morgan, the Site C dam project, and LNG development.

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