BC Conservatives Support Completion of Site C

BC Conservatives Support Completion of Site C

VERNON - The British Columbia Conservative Party calls for the completion of the Site C hydro project in light of the B.C. Utilities Commission (BCUC) report released yesterday.

The report presented three possible options: suspend, cancel, or proceed with the project, but failed to make a recommendation.

"There are really more questions than answers in the BCUC report," said Scott Anderson, Interim Leader of the BC Conservatives. "The report presents the possibility that the project may not be completed on time and may be over budget, but what it does not adequately address is an alternative source of electricity to satisfy a steep increase in demand."

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Of the three options proposed, the only option that the report was clear on was that suspending the project would cost more than continuing, and that cancelling it would cost billions.

"BC Hydro says they’ll deliver on time and on budget," said Anderson. "But even if there are cost overruns, to use that as an excuse to cancel a project of this magnitude is extremely shortsighted. Site C is a project that will not only benefit all British Columbians, but support local families with jobs.”

"We can no longer continue down the path of demanding clean energy and saying 'no' to every attempt to obtain it," said Anderson. "It’s vital that the current government look at this project as a common sense solution to much needed renewable energy source. The choice is clear for us, BC will need this site in operation by 2024. Let's stop throwing roadblocks in front of it and get it done."

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