BC Conservatives Statement on the Throne Speech

BC Conservatives Statement on the Throne Speech

If you were like me, reading the highlights of today’s throne speech and waiting for something, or anything that was relevant to enhancing your life BC, and missed it ... you weren’t alone.

Today’s Throne Speech is a good example of why people have given up on not only the Government, but the politicians they elect to represent them.

Premier Horgan wasted no time in telling us he is fixing the issues that plague British Columbians (the same issues he spoke of a year ago), but has failed to fix them.

This Government has the ability to make lives better for everyday British Columbians, not just tell us it’s better.  They have had the time to do it and have failed us all.

The actions the Government should take to enhance our resources, reduce taxes, scrap the ICBC monopoly, and ensure that businesses create jobs, and families flourish are not being done.  

The BC Conservatives understand the unique needs of British Columbians and the changes that need to be made to truly enhance our lives.

- Trevor Bolin, Leader of BC’s Conservatives

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