BC Conservatives Reply to NDP Budget

BC Conservatives Reply to NDP Budget

Scott Anderson, Interim Leader of the BC Conservative Party, made the following observations on Tuesday's NDP budget:

Anderson says that the BC business sector will take a major hit in the wake of Tuesday’s BC NDP budget. “The NDP say they’re doing this for the people while backhanding the companies that employ them. It’s absolutely absurd.”

1 The carbon tax is increasing $5 per tonne per year, adding $212 million a year, as was announced last year.

"Instead of joining the other western provinces in resisting this unfair green-washed tax that disproportionately hurts the poor and doesn't do what it's supposed to do, the NDP government has doubled down on the Liberal tax grab. The BC Conservatives stand united with conservatives across the country in calling for the carbon tax to be scrapped."

2 A new employer health tax is being implemented in 2019, even though MSP won't be eliminated until 2020. The NDP’s minimum wage hikes ensure that more employers will forced into paying this health tax, which will stifle growth and innovation.

"Exactly why is the NDP government taxing businesses in BC while giving nothing back to the citizens of BC for a full year? What’s even worse is that employers will have to pay the health tax on top of the value of the MSP premiums that they are paying for their employees in 2019: a double dipping tax! This is nothing but another cynical tax grab disguised as a giveaway."

3 The NDP plans a hike on the property transfer tax from three per cent to five per cent on properties worth more than $3 million, as well as an increase in school taxes.

"The property transfer tax has never had any justification at all, and should be eliminated on all price levels… not increased."

4 The NDP says that families earning less than $45,000 per year will pay no childcare expenses.

"We believe that families earning less than $45,000 per year should pay no provincial income tax at all. That will allow them to decide for themselves what's best for their families, instead of having the NDP decide who should raise their kids."

5 The province’s total debt is set to jump by $4.1-billion, the largest single-year jump since 2012/13.

"The NDP raising taxes is hardly a surprise to anyone, but this is an astronomical leap into massive debt. It means that more and more of the taxes the NDP just raised will go toward interest payments, at a time when interest rates are once again on the rise across North America. The NDP doubled BC’s debt in the 1990’s, the Liberals doubled it again while in office, and now the NDP is about to double it yet again. The BC Conservatives demand better by calling for fiscal sanity."

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