BC Conservatives Outraged by NDP Stance on Kinder Morgan

BC Conservatives Outraged by NDP Stance on Kinder Morgan

The British Columbia Conservative Party rejects the BC New Democratic Party's announcement that it intends to further disrupt a legal process that has already struggled through years of unreasonable delays.

"The Kinder Morgan pipeline project has waded through half a decade of hurdles, including a formal National Energy Board review, politically inspired ad hoc "public participation" reviews brought on by the federal Liberal government, and even illegal activism, in a process that has killed other responsible job creation projects," said Scott Anderson, Director of Communications for the BC Conservative Party. "And now the irresponsible actions of the NDP, in cahoots with the utopian dreamers in the Green Party, are threatening to try to delay well paying jobs for British Columbians yet again. Good grief, even Notley's far left Alberta NDP wants to see the Kinder Morgan project go through!"

Referring to a BC Green Party claim that Oil & Gas is a "sunset fossil fuel industry of the last century," Anderson continued: "The BC Conservatives are as interested as everyone else in the development of clean, efficient forms of energy, and we have no doubt that such energy sources will come online as technological advances progress with time. Entrepreneurs in the private sector will continue to push the technological envelop along as they have for years, and eventually those technologies will reach a level of maturity ready for deployment. But pretending that current alternative energy technology is ready for deployment in the here and now is misguided, and pretending that shutting down our only viable source of reliable energy will somehow help is frankly inane."

 "It is unlikely that the NDP can actually have an effect on a legal project under federal jurisdiction that has already been granted a go-ahead," said Anderson. "But more than anything else, this irresponsible action is an indication of the direction the NDP and its Green cohorts intend to take British Columbia. Now that the BC Liberal Party has turned its back on responsible fiscal management, only the BC Conservative Party can be trusted to serve the interest of British Columbians with responsible energy policies.

The BC Conservative Party is in favour of all carefully regulated resource development projects, including Kinder Morgan, the Site C dam project, and LNG development.