BC Conservatives Only Party with Election Platform

BC Conservatives Only Party with Election Platform

VERNON-The BC Conservative Party is the only party to present an original election platform during the Kelowna West by-election.

"Our party has released platform planks leading up to and during the by-election in Kelowna West," said Scott Anderson, Interim Leader of the BC Conservatives. "No other party has bothered to update their platform at all. The BC Liberals have no vision other than their leader's announcement that he intends to make the members of other parties' 'skin crawl'."

"As for the Greens and NDP, neither have presented a clear vision of what they plan to do, other than to work on shutting down natural resource development and start trade wars with other provinces," said Anderson. "We ask the voters of Kelowna West to vote for a party with a vision, a plan to arrive at that vision, and the integrity to follow through with it."

"Electing a Green or a Liberal or an NDP candidate won't change the political landscape of BC, but electing BC Conservative Mark Thompson will send a message that Kelowna West demands better."

The BC Conservative platform:

1 Scrap the Carbon Tax. A growing backlash is developing across Canada against the federally-imposed carbon tax, and we are adding our voices to the fight against this green-washed money grab that hurts the poor and doesn't do what it's designed to do. The Saskatchewan Party, the United Conservatives in Alberta, and even the Liberal Party in Nova Scotia are refusing to accept Trudeau's carbon tax, and we will stand with them.

2 Reform ICBC. We agree with the Canadian Taxpayers Federation that ICBC should be turned into a co-operative owned by BC drivers. Competition also must be opened up to private companies for basic insurance in order to reduce insurance rates for everyone. It is completely unacceptable that BC drivers now pay the highest insurance premiums in Canada.

3 Electoral Reform. The BC Conservative Party demands a fair, transparent referendum, decided by a 60% majority and a super majority of constituencies with a majority 'yes' vote in 60 percent of the ridings. No government should be able to make a fundamental change to the way British Columbians elect their provincial representatives without bringing that change forward in a referendum. The people of BC must be the ones to decide how they are to be governed.

4 Resource Development. The BC Conservative Party is in favour of all carefully regulated resource development projects, including pipelines, mines, LNG, Site C, and forestry. In spite of the most rigorous regulatory framework in the world, the Green/NDP coalition is still trying to kill pipelines, stop mining, and generally say no to the resource economy we depend on in BC. We will streamline the regulatory process and put our northern and interior resource sector back to work.

5 Marijuana legalization. Federal Liberal Bills C-45 and C-46 will legalize cannabis for recreational use effective July 1, 2018. The BC Conservatives will:

  • Create and advance a robust education plan to alert the citizens of BC to the serious risks of both primary and secondhand cannabis smoke, and in particular on developing children and teens.
  • Put restrictions on consumption of recreational cannabis.
  • Give municipalities the power to decide when, where, and if cannabis can be sold within municipal jurisdictions.
  • The BC Conservatives will set the age limit for legal purchase and consumption at 19.
  • Increase penalties for illegal distribution.

6 Health services. Health services are the single largest expenditure in the British Columbia budget. The BC Conservative Party will:

  • Direct more resources to the front lines and streamline bureaucratic overburden
  • Allocate funding based on need rather than simple population numbers
  • Direct more resources toward prevention, age-in-place, and
  • Conduct a thorough audit of the Health Authorities in order to identify further streamlining opportunities

Looking to the future

7 Ride-sharing. The BC Conservative Party supports ride-sharing in BC and will implement an immediate pilot project. Ride-sharing legislation is long overdue in BC and it's time to let people decide if they will support this innovation in transportation by voting with their wallets.

8 Autonomous Vehicles. We are at the cusp of a revolution in transportation that will rival the transition from horse to automobile in importance, and autonomous vehicles are coming far faster than we think. The BC Conservative Party proposes legislation to allow autonomous vehicle testing on BC streets, similar to the legislation enacted in Ontario, but further reaching so that autonomous vehicles can be tested in real-world conditions.

For more information:
Scott Anderson, Interim Leader, British Columbia Conservative Party
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/BCConservativeParty/
Twitter: @Conservative_BC
Telephone: (250) 434-2550 | http://www.bcconservative.ca/