BC Conservatives Demand Better Governance

BC Conservatives Demand Better Governance

VERNON BC- The BC Conservatives say that it's time for politicians in BC to stop wrecking the provinces' economy with high taxation, attacks on the resource sector, and a ridiculous trade war with another province.

"The BC GreeNDP has barely been elected and yet they've already closed down mine projects, announced the destruction of the cannabis growing industry, and are planning on raising taxes even further on gas," said Scott Anderson, Interim Leader of the BC Conservatives. "Not content with that, they're now setting about destroying our wine industry as collateral damage in a completely avoidable trade war with another NDP government in another province by trying to attack our oil industry as well. If it wasn't so tragic for working families in BC, it would make a great comedy skit. It's as if they picked up a bat and started flailing blindly at our economy like a piñata."

In spite of clear research that shows pipelines are the safest possible way to transport oil products to market, the GreeNDP is still trying to stall the Kinder Morgan pipeline even if it means killing our wine industry in a trade war. The project has gone through the most rigorous environmental assessment in the world, waded through half a decade of hurdles including a formal National Energy Board review and politically inspired ad hoc "public participation" reviews, and has emerged as the most modern, most studied, most heavily regulated pipeline in the world.

"It's time for adults to take over," said Anderson. "The people of BC can make a start by electing a BC Conservative in the Kelowna West by-election currently underway. Give us a foothold in the Legislature and it'll be the first step toward building a government that treats our people and economy with the respect they deserve."

The BC Conservative Party is in favour of all carefully regulated resource development projects, including Kinder Morgan, the Site C dam project, and LNG development. It is not in favour of high taxes, mine closures, collapsing sectors of the economy, and avoidable trade wars.

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