BC Conservatives Demand Better for Taxpayers on Trans Mountain

BC Conservatives Demand Better for Taxpayers on Trans Mountain

LANGLEY - Justin Greenwood, Interim Deputy Leader of the BC Conservatives states that yesterday’s announcement about the Trans Mountain pipeline was not only the completely wrong direction, but is also a reckless decision with taxpayers money.

Greenwood stated, “None of this makes any sense. Kinder Morgan did not ask for one dollar from taxpayers; they only asked for certainty that the project would go through.”

The Liberals’ nationalizing of the Trans Mountain pipeline does not end uncertainty or opposition of BC’s GreeNDP government. “Given that the Liberals previously killed the proposed Northern Gateway pipeline that had been approved by the Conservatives, it does not surprise me that they have mangled yet another proposed pipeline,” added Greenwood.

“Kinder Morgan is and was fully capable of bankrolling the Trans Mountain pipeline itself, and in addition to $4.5 billion of Canadian taxpayer dollars being committed yesterday, taxpayers will be on the hook for $7.4 billion more to build the pipeline,” concluded Greenwood.

The BC Conservatives will continue the fight to build an affordable British Columbia: through advocating for natural resource development, well-paying jobs, and respect for taxpayers’ do

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