BC Conservatives Congratulate Ben Stewart on Kelowna West Bid

BC Conservatives Congratulate Ben Stewart on Kelowna West Bid

Scott Anderson, Interim Leader of the British Columbia Conservative Party, congratulated Ben Stewart on his successful bid for MLA in Kelowna West.

"On behalf of the BC Conservative Party, I extend my congratulations to Ben Stewart on his win in Kelowna West, said Scott Anderson, Interim Leader of the BC Conservatives. "My hope is that he will become a voice of common sense in a party increasingly dominated by federal Liberals."

The 2018 Kelowna West by-election had the lowest voter turnout in recent history, with half the turnout traditionally seen in the riding. In the 2017 general election for example, 26,661 voters turned out at the polls, compared to 13,624 in last night's 2018 by-election.

"Voter turnout was exceptionally low in last night's election," said Anderson. "And I believe that's indicative of an electorate tired of false promises by the tax-and-spend parties."

Mark Thompson of the BC Conservatives received more votes and a higher percentage of votes than when the party last ran in Kelowna West in 2013. Both the BC NDP and Green Parties, on the other hand, plateaued considerably below their historical levels of support in that riding in spite of investing heavily in their campaigns with public money not available to the Conservatives.

"We are of course disappointed that we haven't yet convinced enough voters that we are the only small-c conservative party left in the province," said Anderson. "But the trend is clear, and we look forward to running a full slate of top-notch candidates in the next general election and overturning the political apple cart in BC."

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