BC Conservatives Claim Liberals and NDP miss the mark on Speculation Tax

BC Conservatives Claim Liberals and NDP miss the mark on Speculation Tax

The BC Conservative Party opposes the NDP’s new series of speculation taxes on homeowners across the province, including Nanaimo. The party claims the housing affordability crisis needs to be addressed at source, and vows to crack down on casino money laundering.

“A recent police study found that crime networks laundered over $1B through Vancouver homes in 2016 alone,” said Justin Greenwood, BC Conservative candidate in Nanaimo. “Criminals are driving the affordability crisis in BC, not mom and pop scraping together enough to buy a retirement home.”

The BC Conservatives promise to launch a two pronged attack on the affordability crisis by first launching a full public investigation into casino money laundering while tightening regulations on money transfers, and second, to relax building restrictions so developers can more efficiently increase housing stock. Greenwood says the way to address the shortage of affordable housing is for the province and municipalities to work together to identify suitable sites and to develop programs advancing that goal.

But he dismisses both the ineffective NDP tax effort and the predictable Liberal faux outrage as political posturing.

“The cost of living is already outrageous due in part to the Liberal implemented Carbon Tax, and the last thing the people of Nanaimo and BC need right now is to be saddled with more taxes and chased around with yet more paperwork”, said Greenwood. “Not only will this tax be ineffective at stopping offshore money laundering, but now BC citizens will have to jump through hoops just to keep from being overtaxed. Even the Green Party wants nothing to do with this ridiculous and complicated circus of a tax.”

Greenwood also mocked BC Liberal hypocrisy. Tony Harris, The Liberal candidate in Nanaimo, claims he was “stunned” over the speculation tax, spite of the fact that the Liberal Party caused the situation in the first place. According to a recent reporting from the CBC, over $1 billion dollars was laundered through BC casinos under the BC Liberal Party’s watch - over ten times the official estimates.

“This is a typical Liberal response every time they cause a problem and somebody else tries to fix it,” said Greenwood.”The fact that the Liberals think their hands are clean on this new tax is both humorous and disturbing, but what’s worse is that they spent years ignoring and even fostering the runaway affordability crisis. They even went so far as to ignore people who brought attention to notable suspicious cash transactions at BC casinos.”

The BC Conservatives believe that the citizens of BC are ready for real solutions aimed at real problems instead of more virtue signalling and political posturing by the old line parties.