BC Conservatives Call for Opposition to Mobility Pricing

BC Conservatives Call for Opposition to Mobility Pricing

LANGLEY- The BC Conservatives stand against any proposal to introduce mobility pricing, and encourage Lower Mainland residents to vote against municipal candidates this fall who support raising the cost of living through implementing mobility pricing. With the continuing tax assault from the GreeNDP government, this will surely be a crippling blow to commuters and businesses that frequent the roads across the Lower Mainland daily. “With no viable alternative in sight, this proposal is ludicrous at best,” said Justin Greenwood, Interim Deputy Leader.

“Once again, as with the previous government, this is the wrong focus for decongesting our roadways: especially for Fraser Valley residents.” Taxpayers in the Fraser Valley have been paying into TransLink for far too long with little to no support back. Langley residents would be hurt worst by this proposed tax hike.

Rail in the Valley is not only overdue, but vital to help the upsurge of Fraser Valley residents commuting throughout Metro Vancouver. “I would encourage all residents in the Fraser Valley – especially in the Langleys – to pay close attention to this,” said Greenwood. “If this proposal goes through and we still have just one bus that crosses the bridge, I would call on all local governments in the Fraser Valley to consider pulling out of TransLink.”

The BC Conservatives will continue the fight to build an affordable British Columbia.

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