BC Conservatives Call for Four Party Debate on Electoral Reform

BC Conservatives Call for Four Party Debate on Electoral Reform

VERNON –BC Conservative Party interim leader Scott Anderson calls for inclusion in the electoral reform debate on November 8, along with Green Leader Andrew Weaver. Currently, only the NDP and BC Liberals are slated to take part in the debate.

"The debate has gone beyond electoral reform at this point," said Anderson. "With the fear mongering Liberals and the obfuscating NDP, the debate between the two parties will be nothing more than a battle of well worn talking points."

Anderson contends that to truly explore the issue, all four parties should be included because each party has a different perspective on electoral reform.

"The Liberals' essential argument is that electoral reform is confusing and therefore bad, always neglecting to mention the real reason - their own self-preservation as a party. The NDP claim electoral reform is needed but aren't sure why. Andrew Weaver of the Greens is best prepared to defend a change in the electoral system, and the BC Conservatives, who have taken the position that citizens should be free to decide when given the unbiased truth, are ideally positioned to cut through the propaganda and lay the bare facts before the people of BC."

Deputy interim leader Justin Greenwood has released two videos bringing the facts of the issue to British Columbians. The first explains the ballots and the second cuts through some of the fear mongering the Liberals and their allies are putting out about proportional representation.

Video 1  |  Video 2 

"It's clear that the old line parties will do nothing more than hammer at each others' talking points," said Anderson. "And equally clear that for a fully informed debate, all perspectives should be included."