BC Conservatives Announce New School Choice Policy

BC Conservatives Announce New School Choice Policy

VANCOUVER -- The British Columbia Conservative Party is proud to announce the adoption of a new policy regarding School Choice. During a very successful AGM last month in Kelowna, the BC Conservative party officially adopted a policy of advocating for School Choice in BC.

A BC Conservative Government will introduce a funding formula to provide equal “per student” financing for students attending the same grade as in public schools for traditional, charter schools, and independent schools from K-12.

The funding system will operate throughout British Columbia on the basis of choice by parents in each school district. It will provide a specific grant for each student enrolled in any school that meets the minimum academic requirements established by the BC Ministry of Education.

The BC Conservative party firmly believes that parents must have the freedom to choose the type of school that they believe is best for their children’s education.

"We are in favour of increased freedoms as a general principle, and I fully endorse any measure that helps parents decide how and where their children are educated," said Scott Anderson, interim leader of the BC Conservative Party. "School Choice creates a good balance between universally accepted standards and parental rights."

The BC Conservative party is the only political party in British Columbia to advocate for School Choice.