BC Conservatives Accuse BC NDP of Playing Irresponsible Political Games on Ajax Mine

BC Conservatives Accuse BC NDP of Playing Irresponsible Political Games on Ajax Mine

Scott Anderson, interim leader of the BC Conservative Party, accused the BC New Democratic Party of irresponsibly playing politics with the people of Kamloops by arbitrarily refusing to issue an environmental certificate before the federal environmental assessment was even completed.

KGHM in consultation with the City of Kamloops and its citizens had addressed and mitigated virtually all of the concerns about the mine, and one of the last hurdles was to be a joint environmental review by the province and the federal government. Traditionally projects of this nature proceed through a consultative process in which stakeholder concerns are addressed until a reasonable balance of interests is arrived at. But the BC NDP government simply shut down the project - even though the federal government has not yet completed its environmental assessment.

"It's pretty hard to imagine that this move by the BCNDP is anything more than a cynical attempt to appease the Greens and angry NDP supporters who are protesting the fact that Site C is going ahead," said Anderson. "Unfortunately people in the Kamloops region who will suffer the loss of hundreds of high paying jobs, and everyone in BC will suffer as a result of the message this sends to businesses."

"Both projects faced challenges from first nations and environmental groups, yet Site C was given the green light and the Ajax mine was not," said Anderson. "I cannot find the logic in saying yes to one well regulated resource development project and saying no to another without even waiting for the completion of the federal review."

"It's not just the people in the Kamloops region who will suffer because of this cynical political move," said Anderson. "This type of cynical and arbitrary political manipulation simply contributes to the climate of economic uncertainty that always follows the election of NDP governments."

"The Greens say no to everything, so at least they're consistent. The NDP chase businesses away by irresponsible arbitrary decision-making. The NDP is playing with the lives of British Columbians."

The BC Conservative Party is in favour of all carefully regulated resource development projects, including Kinder Morgan, the Site C dam project, and LNG development. If elected, a BC Conservative government will support the Ajax mine project, pending a federal environmental review.


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