BC Conservative Party Launches Anti-Carbon Tax Petition

BC Conservative Party Launches Anti-Carbon Tax Petition

The British Columbia Conservative Party has launched a new website and petition dedicated to fighting the BC Liberal-imposed Carbon Tax. The new website is located at “ScraptheCarbonTax.com

The BC Liberal Party first introduced the Carbon Tax in 2008, and planned to eventually raise it. Now the tax-hungry BC NDP, with the active encouragement of the BC Green party, has vowed to not only raise the tax, but go a step further and drop all pretense of revenue neutrality. 

The BC Conservatives have steadfastly rejected the Carbon Tax as a punitive tax on the poor and middle class. Following a threat by the federal Liberal Party to impose a national carbon tax, other western conservative parties have followed suit in a strong rejection of the tax, including the Saskatchewan Party and the United Conservative Party of Alberta.

“Conservatives across the west are united in opposition to this regressive, punitive tax that will hurt the poor and middle class, and won’t achieve what it is supposed to achieve,” said Scott Anderson, Director of Communications for the BC Conservatives. “It will drive up the cost of everything from farming to transportation, and in the absence of any commercially viable alternative energy source, it can’t possibly achieve any significant reduction in GHG production. It’s nothing but a green-washed tax grab.”

The website and petition are the latest tools in the ongoing BC Conservative advance against the Carbon Tax. “We have no intention of giving up this fight,” said Anderson. “A BC Conservative government will stand shoulder to shoulder with other western governments in firm opposition to this disgraceful tax grab.”

Scott Anderson | Director of Communications
BC Conservative Party