BC Conservative Leader Attends CPC Convention

BC Conservative Leader Attends CPC Convention

VERNON – Scott Anderson, Interim Leader of the BC Conservative Party, will represent the provincial party as a full voting delegate at the Conservative Party of Canada's (CPC) National Convention in Halifax.

Although the federal and provincial parties are separate entities, Anderson has sought to strengthen ties between the provincial party and the federal party.

"The BC Conservatives are the natural home for conservative minded citizens in BC," said Anderson, "even though the BC Liberals falsely advertise themselves as the conservative alternative to the NDP/Green government."

As leader of the provincial party, as well as a member of the federal party, Anderson is able to attend the National Convention as a full voting delegate. According to the CPC Constitution, voting delegate status is extended to "leaders of provincial parties who are members of the [federal Conservative] Party."

"The irony is that the BC Liberal Leader, a federal Liberal supporter who has contributed thousands of dollars to the Liberal Party of Canada, yet claims to represent BC's conservatives, can't even attend the CPC convention as a voting delegate," said Anderson. "This more than anything should underscore to conservative voters in BC that they need to come home to a party that truly represents them.