BC Conservative Economic Ideas Responsible for Surge in Polls

BC Conservative Economic Ideas Responsible for Surge in Polls

VERNON BC- The BC Conservative Party is at 8.9% province wide, and 15.9% in the Rest of BC when Greater Vancouver and Vancouver Island are removed from the equation.

Mainstreet Media released a poll on March 19. The polling firm surveyed 1511 British Columbians aged 18 and over between March 5th and March 6th. The poll has a margin of error of +/- 2.52% and is accurate 19 times out of 20.

"Thanks to the hard work of the board and my advisory team as well as individual members of the party, we are well on our way to sending Conservative MLAs to Victoria," said Scott Anderson, Interim Leader of the BC Conservatives. "We haven't seen this kind of surge in the polls for several years, and now that the BC Liberals have elected a Trudeau Liberal as leader, the BC Conservatives are the only credible voice for conservatism in British Columbia."

Anderson believes the surge is due to the emergence of the BC Conservatives as a credible, responsible alternative to the tax-and-spend BC Liberal party at a time of impending economic crisis in British Columbia.

"The BC NDP, with the active collusion of the Green Party, has raised taxes on individuals, put heavier burdens on businesses, municipalities, and public organizations like school districts, and have even managed to start a trade war with a neighbouring province over a pipeline crucial to Canada's economic interests," said Anderson. "And in April they will raise the BC Liberal Carbon tax to the highest level ever, which means that the price of virtually everything will go up too."

"At the same time more and more citizens of BC are disillusioned with the BC Liberals and realizing that they are nothing more than the provincial arm of the Trudeau Liberals," said Anderson, citing the fact that Andrew Wilkinson has supported the federal Liberals for years, and as of 2016 had contributed approximately $12,000 to that party. He also pointed out that BC Liberal MLA Gordon Hogg recently ran against the federal Conservatives in Surrey White Rock and currently sits as a Trudeau Liberal in Ottawa.

By way of contrast to the three other parties, the BC Conservatives have proposed forward thinking economic ideas, including support for Kinder Morgan, Site C and the Ajax Mine, and a broad endorsement of responsibly regulated resource development. In addition, the party will abolish the hated Carbon Tax, reform ICBC and expose it to the private sector, and introduce legislation for new innovations like ride sharing and autonomous vehicles.

"We want to encourage technological advances in clean energy, resource development, and consumer products, and we think BC can be a leader in Canadian innovation," said Anderson. "But none of that is going to happen if the other three parties keep throwing stumbling blocks in front of economic development."

The BC Conservatives are a big-tent conservative party dedicated to lower taxation, efficient service delivery, and smaller, more effective government.

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