Announcing Kay Hale Your Candidate Richmond-Queensborough

Announcing Kay Hale Your Candidate Richmond-Queensborough

My multilingual ability enables me to interact with people, and has given me clear insight in to the values and beliefs of the people in the community in which I live’ -- Richmond-Queensborough candidate Kay Hale

Meet Kay Hale, who while having lived in Richmond now for over 35 years, was actually born in Hong Kong to a military family. Her father fought in WWII and was held as a Prisoner of War (POW) in Hong Kong.

We grew up in humble times where we learnt to appreciate and respect. My husband was also a war veteran” stated Kay, “And our children and grandchildren are bestowed the same values I grew up with during humble times.”

Said the leader of BC’s Conservatives, Trevor Bolin; “I have known Kay for some years now, and she IS a ‘Pay-it-Forward’ type of a person. She will stop to help anyone in need of a helping hand, give guidance or help them navigate through trying times.”

It gives meaning to my existence, if I can make someone’s day brighter.  I find the time to help out with food bank, working on the sharing farm. For cold winter months I actively volunteer for Blanket Drive”, remarked Kay.

Kay Hale, who is running in the provincial riding of Richmond-Queensborough, is multilingual and speaks English, Chinese, Hindi and Punjabi and some Mandarin.  She also achieved her MBA university degree in London U.K.  For over 30 years she has owned and operated an International Executive Management Business with sub-branches in London (UK), Hong Kong and Canada. Since 2007 she has also engaged her international business experience, and multilingual ability, to take on the challenges of the Real Estate Industries.  

In the cosmopolitan City of Richmond my multilingual ability enables me to interact with people of different ethnicity. Over the years this has given me a clear insight in to the values and beliefs of the people in my community, right where I live”, Hale observed. 

This 2020 Provincial election is very important for us to get it right, on many different levels. Covid-19 Pandemic has affected seniors, Family and small businesses alike.”, she concluded. 



Kay Hale, candidate


Cell: 778.888.0388

E: [email protected]


Kay Hale will be focusing her campaign on the following issues:

  • The crisis for our Seniors, and in Long-Term Care Homes, is alarming. COVID-19 has taken a deadliest toll in long term care home resulting in 82% of all COVID deaths in Canada.  Long-term care needs to be enshrined within the Canada Health Act in order to enforce national standards of care and accessibility.
  • Affordable Housing: Allocation of up to 1% of the existing Crown land to development that will promote more affordable and low-cost housing for British Columbian 
  • Eliminate Hospital Parking Fee: It is immoral to charge for parking at our hospitals, and access to our loved ones, or for hospital care, should not be impeded because due to “Pay Parking”.  
  • Twin the Massey Tunnel and stop the $3.5 Billion bridge! Twinning is a much more affordable $1.9 Billion alternative. There will be less intrusion on our limited precious agricultural lands, less impact on the critical habitat of migratory birds, less seismic vulnerability, and less impact on the South Arm of the Fraser River. Additionally, no dredging or scouring would be needed, which if undertaken would negatively impact the greatest salmon habitat in the world.
  • Passport Baby and Birth Tourism: Richmond is Canada’s epicenter for a booming, unregulated birth tourism industry emerging from China. Birth tourism accounts for over 90% of the Birth at Richmond hospital. The province must petition Ottawa to reconsider its birthright citizenship laws, to end jus soli (place of birth) citizenship rights. 

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