A statement from Conservative BC leader Trevor Bolin regarding Liberal allegations

A statement from Conservative BC leader Trevor Bolin regarding Liberal allegations

On October 17th the BC Liberal Party shared a Workers Compensation Board (WCB) report from one of my stores, on an occurrence from 2018.

It is unfortunate that with the political fortunes of the BC Liberals collapsing, that they have chosen to turn their focus on an event that was already hard enough for the families involved.

A staff member accused another staff member of sexual harassment, and accused my store of wrongful dismissal with Workers Compensation.

An investigation occurred in which WCB was provided with all policies at the store, and procedures as well as the actions taken to investigate the complaint.

The staff member however, who was the victim, was later let go for her subsequent actions towards the General Manager. She claimed wrongful dismissal, saying she had been terminated due to the complaint. This was not true.

The policies and procedures that are in place at that store, and indeed all stores that I own and operate, are as good, or exceed, WCB regulations. However, I will not allow mistreatment from one staff member to another.

Regrettably, the former staff member was dismissed for yelling at the General Manager, after the internal investigation was finalized, which was being reflected in actions at the workplace and with other employees.

At the end of the day the Workers Compensation Board found the sexual harassment complaint, against another staff member, was dealt with. A monetary fine was implemented, as was a reference letter which I completed inside the timeline set out, for the wrongful dismissal.

Still, I have asked myself if I would do things differently today?  

Yes, because I have since realized that her lashing out was a sign for me to find out the root issues, and work with her to overcome them. I will continue to ensure the stores policies and worker safety is paramount.

The policies in place at my stores, and my own nature, stand against harassment, bullying and racism.  I pride myself on the atmosphere my businesses provide to my staff, many of whom have been with me for many years.

As I said at the outset, the BC Liberals released a document from 2018, which in light of the current election campaign only sheds a negative light on them in their attempt to smear my campaign

I find this unfortunate, and regrettable.

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