Conservatives Denounce the BC NDP Forcing their Ideology on the Delta Hospice Society

Conservatives Denounce the BC NDP Forcing their Ideology on the Delta Hospice Society

THE FOLLOWING is a statement from the Conservative Party of BC, regarding removal of funding to the Delta Hospice Society:

The Canadian Hospice Palliative Care Association, in an online article entitled “Dispelling the Myths” states that it is important for people to understand that; Hospice and palliative care focuses on living until the end, not dying.

The article goes on to say it is a myth that hospice and palliative care accelerates death. Rather they say it is a fact that hospice and palliative care aims to neither prolong nor accelerate death but rather ensures quality of life until the very end.

It is unfortunate then, that the BC government is now taking steps to ensure that those providing hospice and palliative care will now in fact be forced to, at least in part, focus on dying, and accelerating death.

Ryan Warawa -- son of the late Conservative MP Mark Warawa, and a two-term President of the Conservative Party of BC -- last night related to Party leader Trevor Bolin how his father spent his final days fighting for; greater access to palliative and hospice care.

“He also was passionate about the right of a hospice to fulfill its mandate to provide care that does not hasten or delay death. This includes the right to not provide Medical Assistance in Dying (MAiD) over conscience objections”, stated Ryan.

Last weekend at the Party’s Annual General Meeting, a policy proposal put forward by Ryan Warawa, was passed unanimously. The new policy states:

The Conservative Party of BC recognizes that some operators of palliative care hospices refuse to provide medical assistance in dying (MAiD) because they contend it conflicts with their principles that death should not be hastened. To that end, the Conservative Party of BC believes that hospices should have the right to opt out of providing MAiD.

The timing of that resolution became even more important with yesterdays announcement that the BC government, through the Fraser Health Authority ... will stop funding the Delta Hospice Society (DHS) on Feb. 25, 2021, providing the required 365-days notice to end their service agreement without cause.


According to the government, the termination follows the DHS board’s refusal to comply with the provincial medical assistance in dying (MAiD) policy.

The former Conservative Party President noted BC’s Health Minister Adrian Dix made a number of NDP appointments to the health boards in 2017. “These NDP appointees were used to impose authoritarian control over the hospices”, said Warawa.

“Last September, the board of directors of the Delta Hospice Society fired the founder and Executive Director Nancy Macey, who opposed MAiD at the hospice. This was an individual who had overseen $20+ million raised to support the Delta Hospice Society.”

“NDP government appointees to Fraser Health are forcing Delta Hospice Society to provide MAiD to patients against their conscience.”

That statement is clearly supported by yesterday's media release where Adrian Dix, the Minister of Health stated, “We have made every effort to support the board to come into compliance and they have been clear that they have no intention to”.

What option however, did Delta Hospice have, as that ‘support’ being provided by the government was in fact a heavy-handed demand to comply; or else.

In responding to yesterday's news that the government will remove the funding for Delta Hospice, Conservative Party leader Trevor Bolin remarked: “It is clear this NDP government is forcing their ideology over the liberty of one’s conscience -- which is why we support the right of hospices to opt in or out of MAiD. Whether it’s bad policy for a community like Delta -- or up north in the Peace River -- as government we will think locally, and act provincially”

“Conservatives support your freedom of conscience”, Bolin concluded.